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Streamtorrent has become the most popular P2P player on the internet boasting millions of users per day.  This P2P app is used by downloading to your computer and then connecting to someone else's Streamtorrent App and gaining the ability to watch what they are streaming.  This is used by people to watch live sports, television and movies on their computer.  Because the App can be used by anyone this allows you instant access to literally millions of other users at any time during the day.  The most popular uses of Streamtorrent are to watch live sporting events such as football, soccer, basketball, and baseball; to watch television shows that are not broadcast in your area; or to watch movies that you do not have access to but other people do and can stream.  Fans of NFL football as an example who cannot watch their favorite team on their television all turn to Streamtorrent to watch their team play.
The official Streamtorrent site can be found at and this is where you can download this free P2P app to your computer.  There is usually an annual update to the player so be sure to check back every so often to ensure you have the latest version.  With the recent version upgrades users are able to watch in high definition quality, the lag in a stream is removed unless the streamer is using dial up internet, and the interface is a lot nicer and user friendly.  Streamtorrent has been around for a few years and has gained quite the cult following of people who have compared this app to Napster except it is for viewing and not downloading.  That is a lofty comparison but with the current user base in the tens of millions of people it could be justified. 
Streamtorrent is comparable to other programs such as TVU Player, Sopcast, and TVAnts, but each of these programs are not as well received by users as Streamtorrent is.  There are many help forums and FAQS online in case you have questions about Streamtorrent or you can visit their official site.

Stream Torrent

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